Almost Lost Myself To The Road…

Since the beginning of this year, I’ve been working towards a singular goal: Financial Freedom.

Imagine being able to wake up in the morning, at any time, without having the fear of being late to work. Imagine being able to just devote your entire day, not just a portion, to your own projects without fear of losing the roof over your head or being hounded by bill collectors. Imagine, when you have the urge to do so, being able to jump on a plane and fly back to your home town (Or in my case, island.) as many times as you feel like it, without financial repercussions. This is the way of life that I am currently working towards.

It’s been a slow journey, and I have had many setbacks. I honestly have no idea where I am on this road. But, I know this, when I reach the end of this road, for me, as well as my family and friends, it’ll be legendary!

The setbacks for my Financial Freedom plan had really taken a toll on me. I hadn’t realized that until a good friend: Ms. Luvly Brown pointed out to me that I hadn’t looked happy in months. Putting some thought behind it I realized she was right. I was just going through the motions, pretending to be okay when inside I was festering with dismay. However, since visiting my Dad and Uncle in Maryland, I’ve been a little more upbeat and positive. I came to a realization of why I felt I was going through motions everyday: I focused on helping out everyone else. I spent very little time on my needs and dreams. It’s funny how something so obvious could just elude me like that.

When I got back home I had mail waiting for me. The usual bills and shit but also one important card: My Learner’s Permit. Two weeks prior to my Maryland trip I took the test to get this card and aced it. Holding the card in my hand and looking at it, I realized that I really wanted to learn how to drive. I realized that there were a lot of things I wanted; things that I could have gotten but put aside in order to brighten someone else’s day. I love my family and my friends, but I think its time to put them on the back burner for a bit and focus on me.

My Learner’s Permit was the first step. My second step was putting in my application for a Passport (Special thanks to Lynton Gardiner for helping me get that perfect passport photo!). I have put that little endeavor off for umpteen years, but it felt so good getting it done now. It was like grabbing the reigns and taking control of something that I always felt was on cruise control.

My third step was to join an online dating site. Yeah I’m getting tired of being alone, and I would like to have someone to share my life with. My younger siblings, hell my younger relatives are all preparing to settle down with kids and such. I feel left out but at the same time I feel a bit better off because unlike them I’m free to roam when I want without having to worry about getting home to see the kids and wife. And I definitely want to roam to various locales and such but I would like to be holding hands with that special woman as I walk through streets of Italy or stroll down the beaches of the Cayman Islands. Oh it will take me a while to find her especially since when it comes to women I’m a social disaster. But I have to step up in order to find that right for me. Who else is going to do it.

I’m focused once again, I feel rejuvenated and inspired. For all those who gave me a kind word or advice when I needed it: Thank you. For those who gave me a good ass kicking or cussing out when they felt I needed it: Thank you. Bowie is back on track and determined to see his goals through to the end. But instead of just staring towards the future I plan to take my time and enjoy the present as I work my way forward.

Thanks for reading,

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