Passport Woes…

It’s been two weeks since I applied for my Passport. On 8/25/08 I received a letter in the mail telling me that the information I provided wasn’t enough to verify that I am who I am. They had a photo copy of my State ID, a credit card (Post office employee suggested that one.), my Social Security card and my birth certificate (Which they hang on to until your application has been completed or totally denied.) The letter I got gives me examples of forms of identification that the National Passport Center will accept:

Driver’s License (It seems that they eagerly want this, they even asked for it at the Post Office. The postal worker pretty much said that it trumps a State ID and a Learner’s Permit. Correct me if I’m wrong, I know those 3 IDs have different uses, but at the root aren’t they all the same fucking ID :wtf: ?!! Why do I have to be able to drive in order to take a trip outside of this fucking country?!

School yearbook photograph with my name and photo, also with school’s name and year that it was issued. Christ! Hey NPC! People have access to Photoshop, so how the fuck is this going to prove who I am?

Newspaper/Magazine articles with my photo and name. Aw man I knew I should have done something amazing and news-worthy while growing up.

Other articles such as: Military Identification, Student ID, Professional license (ex. Nurse, pilot, etc.) US Passports, Medicare Card, Selective Service registration card, Union membership, Welfare card and Voter’s registration card are all acceptable. The one I personally find most asinine one they list is a traffic ticket!

Yeah this list of Personal Identification items burned me, but what came after that had me throwing things across the room! The told me I had to fill out a Supplemental Worksheet for additional information purposes. That worksheet was a fucking hand written credit report! They asked me to list everywhere I’ve ever lived, my employment history, the names and birthdays of my immediate family and schools I attended. This is a lot of information to be giving out to them. Am I supposed to believe that they will methodically research this information to see if I am who I claim to be? I’ve asked my mother if she ever had to fill out this worksheet. Her answer? No. My dad was recently released from prison, did he have to fill out a worksheet? No. And his old passport expired 17 years ago! Shit, he’s already got his new Passport.

Seriously, did I just get the short straw or something? I mean did my name just bring up a red light or something? Ah, to hell with it. I just hope that the info I sent will actually be enough so I can get my Passport. I honestly didn’t even care to get one, until I started noticing how this country is getting so demanding with identification. They say it’s because of 9/11, yeah right. No one will admit that they were just too arrogant and complacent about security in this country. I’ll get my passport just be safe, besides, I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that one day I’m going to fly home to St. Croix (An island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, it’s a U.S. Territory.) and they’re going to tell me, when it’s time for me to board the plane and leave, that I need to show my passport.

Read the follow up

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  • jaywalk

    Found you through Google! I got the same letter today in the mail on an expedited passport application… I'm mailing in everything including my grandfathers birth certificate… *sigh*

  • I hope it goes well for both of us, good luck.

  • kelly

    found this throught google because i received the same letter last week.

    how did this end up? did they issue the passport shortly after? this was a ridiculous amount of info for someone who was born and raised in the US as was our family.

    • kelly

      nevermind! i just saw the followups. i hope we get ours soon, we sent in twice as much proof as they asked for including some items that required background checks.

      • Bowie

        I hope it goes well for you and your family members as well. On a good note once you've acquired it the passport is a serious piece of identification to have at your disposal.