More Passport Woes…

I received another letter from the National Passport Center on Friday. According to this letter my birth certificate (which they referred to as a “Puerto Rican Citizenship Certificate”) is not evidence of me being a US citizen. I now have to make contact with Puerto Rico and obtain a certified birth certificate. I gave these assholes the only piece of paper I have marking my birth. Every other agency or organization in this country has never had an issue with my birth certificate. Now I’m being told that it doesn’t prove citizenship? So am I an illegal alien now? Hell if I know. What I do know is that I’m being made to jump through a bunch of hoops for no apparent reason. I don’t have any criminal record, I pay my taxes (like any of us have a choice in that matter), so why am I being treated like a mouse in a maze?

Ah, well. Hopefully when I get my papers from PR my Passport will be right behind it.

Read the follow up

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