Update! Demon Hunter Kain’s Prelude, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 Scripts Have Been Reviewed! Kind Of.

Today was another great Sequential Salon get together. Well my friends/editors got back to me on the Demon Hunter Kain scripts I submitted to them. It was like American Idol, three judges each with their own personality. Alex is like the Paula Abdul of the three but he’s much prettier. Lynne is like Randy Jackson except she’s a petite Japanese-Hawaiian. And then there’s Jeff, the Simon Cowell of the three, there have been many a dream and script torn asunder by this man.

Lynne got the free time to read the Prelude, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. I gave her Chapter 3 yesterday and once she completes her second read of each chapter she’ll give me the edits.

Jeff has read the Prelude to Chapter 3 and has given me his comments and edits on all. I’ve already made the appropriate changes.

Alex was totally enthusiastic. He hasn’t completed Chapter 3 since he only got it yesterday.

Then Mike, a member of the Sequential Salon, threw in his own edits and comments, despite a few changes he totally enjoyed Chapter 1, which was the only script he was free to read.

All in all I’ve gotten really good reviews. I’m a few steps closer to bringing my story to life. A few more chapters and I’ll be able to put pencil to paper.

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