Family And Friends Part 1: My Goddaughters

If you’ve been reading this blog then you’ve probably read the “About” section. That being the case you know about me, Burrell Gill Jr, the sole poster of this blog. I recently decide to introduce and talk about people who are near and dear to me in this new series of posts called “Family And Friends.”

This first installment is dedicated to my goddaughters:

From left to right they are: Latonya, Sylvia, Lenette (not my goddaughter, she’s their aunt), Destiny and Taquasha.

The little one in the bottom pic is my latest goddaughter, Deziyah.


These kids keep me sane when the rest of the world tries to drive me insane. There have been many a day when I felt weighed down and defeated by my own problems and self-doubts and even talking to my friends didn’t ease my mind and spirit.

Then the girls would come running up, each giving me a big hug and kiss :affection: . At that point all my troubles would begin to fade away with each hug. I’ve known the older girls since they were about 2 or 3 years old and I was there to hold Destiny after she was born, and recently little Deziyah. I’ll admit I spoil them rotten by always trying to get them what they want, but at the same time I tell them they have to work for it: Good grades, good behavior, respect of others, respect for themselves, etc.

Of course they do slip from time to time, but hey, what kid doesn’t? Overall they’re great kids and I’m proud to have a hand in raising them and I’m eager to see the type of young women they become in the future :heart: .

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