Demon Hunter Kain: The Goat-Foot Woman Concept Art

If yuh Crucian yuh done know who she be.

The Goat-Foot Woman has been a way for parents on St. Croix to keep their children in check when they let them outside to play. Throughout my years on this earth I have never seen a visual representation of this creature, so I decided to take a stab at it. I plan to make her one of the first creatures that Kain fights on his road to becoming a Demon Hunter.

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  • angel ortiz

    waaaaddduuupppp bowie been a while i aint see u in years. since u draw them comic strips with rabbid the rabbit.wha troy them sayn.yeah all cruzans know goat foot lady from way back in grove school days. keep doin yo thing cuz.

  • Bowie

    Angel?!! Oh shit! I was talking to Marcus a couple months back and your name came up. Wha de man saying? Troy, Michael and all dem man safe and doing good. What you up to these days, and how did you find my website?