Birthday Weekend 2009 And Birthday Swag!

Wednesday, November 25:

It’s my birthday weekend :party: ! I started it off by having to go in to work (not by choice mind you). Since Carlos and Lynne wouldn’t be seeing me for the holiday weekend I got my gifts early :HOORAY: . From Lynne I received the Biohazard 5 Official Art Works book (known as Resident Evil 5 here in the states). The book is entirely in Japanese, but who gives a rat’s ass?! The art work, character designs, concept art for monsters, area designs, every page in that book is a visual feast for the eyes and a twisted imagination such as mine :rockon: . Suffice to say I had to do one of my victory jigs :boogie: , and no there will be no video footage of that jig posted here :whew: . Here are a few pics of the book:

Next up is Carlos. He bestowed upon me a small pile of books of various genres ranging from funny to instructional: Applegeeks Vol. 1: Freshman Year, Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics, Empowered Volume 1 and Apple: Volume 2.

All right here’s a synopsis of each book and some pics:

Applegeeks Vol. 1: Freshman Year is a collection of the first two years of the Applegeeks web comic. The art is great and the stories are hilarious 😆 . I fell in love with this site when I first got my graphic design job and I continue to read it to this day.

Empowered Vol. 1: Okay here’s the deal, I find this book hilarious and a bit touching. It’s about a ne’er do well heroine called Empowered. She wages the good fight for truth, justice and all that shit, but there’s a problem:


Emp’s powers reside and rely on her costume, if her costume is intact so are her powers, if the costume gets ripped her powers begin to wane and ebb. Her costume gets ripped at the damn near slightest provocation. She constantly goes into battle and usually immediately gets taken hostage by the corny villain(s) and trussed up in some bondage pose due to her costume getting ripped up during the initial struggle. Now if you just skim through the book you’ll be treated to images of a woman constantly tied up in skimpy apparel :blush: , but if you actually read the book you’ll get insights on the character, her insecurities, her dreams, her personality. Slowly but surely, Emp becomes and interesting character who begins come into her own, throw in a couple of friends that that she meets throughout the first volume and you’ve got yourself an exceptional read.

Vanishing Point: Perspective for Comics: I’ve been told, many a time, that I’m good at faking perspective in my drawings. while that’s all fine and dandy I am not adverse to learning the proper way to render objects in proper, visual perspective. I can’t wait to sit down with this one :reading: .

Apple Vol. 1: Best described as an art/comic book. This book is INSANE :jawdrop: !!! The book features illustrations and short comic stories from various Korean artists. The book stokes the flames of my imagination, makes me curse my own lack of artistic skill :shakefist: , yet inspires me to keep drawing! The book was such a treat that I wanted to get volume 1 but that dream was shot down when Carlos informed me that it was out of print and stores that did have it were selling it for about $500.00 :cry2: ! Someday soon, I hope they’ll reprint it and charge the regular price.

All in all it was a good day, friends, gifts and getting out of work at 2:30PM. No complaints 😎 .

Thursday, November 26:

HAPPY TURKEY DAY :HOORAY: !!! Time to eat and grow large with food :drool: .

Friday, November 27:

Ran some errands and chilled out :chilling: .

Saturday, November 28th:


Went to see Ninja Assassin :ninja: with Monique, her daughter Janiah and my goddaughter Taquasha. After that I was taken to lunch at Sapporos (at least I hope that’s how you spell it) there I had two orders of gyoza and the Sapporo Special Ramen bowl, ahhh, pure bliss. I walked back to the subway my belly feeling sloshy and full, or as we say in St. Croix: “Belly full, banah glad.” I dropped Taquasha at her house and received Birthday Cards from my other goddaughters: Latonya, Sylvia and Destiny. Monique and Janiah also gave me some gifts: the first three volumes of Naoki Urasawa’s Monster :reading: !

It was a great weekend for me overall, I’m content, I had a superb birthday, great friends, a great movie, excellent food and awesome gifts. Now I just have to wake up Monday morning and go to work :sarcasticclap: . Thanks for reading y’all. Peace.

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