Dreaming of a Cintiq 21UX…

If you don’t know what a Cintiq 21UX is, then click here.

I currently own an Intuos 3 tablet and although it’s great for coloring and rough sketching I’ve never been able to gather the hand control necessary to get tight, clean lines that I would use in an illustration.

However, thanks to my friend Lynne Yoshii, I’ve recently had the opportunity to use the Cintiq 21UX on an extended basis for the purpose of digitally inking my Demon Hunter Kain comic. So, what are my feelings on the Cintiq, you ask?


I’m starting to save up to get me one of these miracles of modern technology.  I’ll have an update ready once I’ve claimed one as my very own.

Cintiq 21UX

A great digital sketchbook!

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