I Gon Back To Cruz De Man!


For those of you not familiar with Cruzan slang, the title of this post translates to: I’m going back to St. Croix :boogie: !

It’s 6:36 AM and I’m sitting in the plane’s cabin as it prepares to depart from J.F.K. Airport. My flight leaves at 7:00 AM and I should arrive in St. Croix at around 1:00 PM.

I’ve been missing my family a lot recently… so it’s definitely a good time to take the trip. The interesting thing is only three people on St. Croix know that I’m coming home, my parents aren’t in the know  :ninjaplot: , so I get to give them a great surprise, especially since I told them I couldn’t make it home this year because the work flow at my job was increasing.

This trip also marks the first time that I’m going home using my own finances :bow: . Cut me some slack, I’ve been living in New York since August 25th of 1995. In all those years I’ve only gone home three times: the summers of ’97 and ’01 and the fall of ’07. And each time my family footed the bill because saving money was an alien concept to me. But now I’m more mature and a bit more financially stable :eyeroll: .

If I don’t do it before I leave St. Croix, I’ll post my vacation pictures to the photo gallery. I’ll let you all know how it went.


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