One Week Later And It’s All Good…

On November 13th I posted that the new PC I set out to build was a complete failure. I ordered a replacement motherboard the following Monday and it arrived on Tuesday (thank you However upon installation I still kept getting black and blue error screens. Not only that a new symptom occurred the PC constantly reset itself about five to six times before initiating the bios boot screen. My frustration level was way beyond its limit and I officially called it quits by 10 PM that Tuesday night.

I woke the next morning feeling like crap and after running to the bathroom a couple times I deduced that I must have caught a stomach bug :sick: . I called out from work and between going to the can and utter boredom I tried fiddling with the PC again  by performing a fresh install of the OS. Again it failed but it gave me a new error message. This message was the most precise one it had ever given me: Faulty or defective memory. I opened up the PC case again and withdrew the right-most RAM card, and proceeded to perform the OS install again.  IT WENT THROUGH WITHOUT A HITCH :jawdrop: !!!


You could imagine how ecstatic I was at this turn of events. What you don’t want to imagine is how much I loathed my self for not checking the RAM cards. I assumed every other component was at fault and overlooked one the most basic components, truly, shame on me :youdontgetit: .

Ah but the past is just that: the past. The replacement RAM cards have been ordered and arrived today. As of this post (which is currently being written on my new PC) the PC is at full power and everything is working 100% :HOORAY: . And, as an extra piece of great news I’ve also gotten my Cintiq 12WX today. All is well and I am at peace with the universe… for now.

Peace, I got a Cintiq to play with :boogie: .

The Parts

Time to bring a PC to life.

My work area.

My work area a week later, and a Cintiq has now entered the mix.

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