My Job’s Annual Christmas Lunch

Hey there folks! For the record, this isn’t the first outing I’ve had with the wonderful people at my job. But, it is the first time I’m blogging about it. This year we went to Almond Restaurant. They specialize in French and American cuisine and about a week before we were scheduled to go there for lunch I looked over their menu and decided what I wanted to feast on.

First off was the appetizer: Escargot with garlic and Pernod. I’ve never had escargot before so I was definitely game to try it. My only complaint is although the appetizer tasted great the escargot was overpowered by the flavor of the garlic so I have no idea what the escargot actually tastes like.

Escargot, Garlic and Pernod

Next up was the main course Crispy Fried Skate with cauliflower, macerated raisins and fried capers. This dish was a trip, it looks like fried fish but Skate is actually a member of the sea ray family that has no stinger. This dish was excellent and pretty much tasted like fish although the texture of the meat was stringy compared to fish I’ve eaten over the years.

Crispy Skate Wing

Along with the Crispy Skate I had a side order of Macaroni and Cheese. Two words to describe it: HOLY SHIT!!!! This was the best tasting, cheesiest mac and cheese I’ve ever had in my life!!!! Nuff said.

Macaroni and Cheese

Along with the mac and cheese my friend and co-worker Lynne allowed me to sample her order of  Cauliflower Gratin. It had a good taste as well but couldn’t compare to the mac and cheese.

Cauliflower Gratin

Lastly we have the Buttermilk Waffle with homemade nutella and mascarpone sorbet. Very delicious and not overly sweet, my complaint was three of us ordered this dessert and we were informed by the waiter that there is only one waffle machine to make the waffles. Seriously, what the hell?

Buttermilk Waffle

All in all it was a good outing and I got to try some new dishes. I’d definitely go back again to try some others.

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