Demon Hunter Kain No. 1 is off to the Copyright Office

Demon Hunter Kain #1

Yep, it’s official. As of this writing Demon Hunter Kain issue #1 has been collected into pdf format and uploaded to the U.S. Copyright Office. It was a long road getting here but I finally did it.

Of course I wouldn’t have gotten here without help. I’d like to give thanks and shout-outs to God, my parents, the members of the Sequential Salon, to friends and family that encouraged me to keep drawing and writing from Elementary School to College and after (there’s too many of you to name and you all know who you are :salute: ).

Also an extra special thanks goes out to my Editor: Lynne Yoshii, it’s thanks to her asking me tough questions about the characters and world of Kain that the comic was able to climb out of my brain and on to the web. And a big shout-out to Carlos Lao for coloring up issue one’s cover for me when I was running low on time.



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