Demon Hunter Kain’s Editor, Lynne Yoshii, featured on The Mary Sue website

Hey everyone, my friend and Demon Hunter Kain’s editor, Lynne Yoshii has been featured on The Mary Sue website, see what they have to say about this extraordinary artist CLICK HERE and then go check out her Deviantart page. Trust me, her art will blow you away!

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  • jamal wolf valantine

    yea man im from st.croix christansted sion hill next to sion farm
    to an i draw to an i been well i do want to getting to want ur doin an more but just dont have the support i really like how u do the goat foot woman part cause u no back home we use to hear alote of her stores an it made me smile dread 😀

    • Burrell Gill Jr

      Hey Jamal I'm glad you liked the Goat_Foot Woman I drew, it's always good to hear from a fellow Cruzan, it was my missing Cruz that made me draw her up. I always wanted to draw comics, but i couldn't make it in the professional field, but thanks to the internet I'm able to create stories I want and have it out there for the world to see. So believe me you can still have your art seen by the rest of the world. If you haven't already check out my webcomic I hope you enjoy it. Keep working on your art and take it easy deh man!

  • jamal wolf valantine

    an boy i miss home