Lunch at Papatzul in SoHo

Hey all! This is a late post, I completely forgot all about writing it up and posting it. Usuually my friends and fellow co-workers Carlos Lao and Lynne Yoshii get half-day Fridays during the summer. We take that time to go on foodie excursions. We didn’t get out to as many different places as we would’ve liked this year, but we did mange to try out the Mexican food at Papatzul’s in SoHo.

Our first shared appetizer was Totopos (Tortilla Chips) with Guacamole. The chips were nice and crispy and the Guacamole was well made. We were a bit annoyed with the guacamole’s stone presentation dish, it took up too much space on the table.

Tortilla Chips

Totopos – Tortilla Chips


Next up we got and shared the Ceviche Papatzul Vuelve a la Vida, it contained shrimp, sea scallops, octopus and sword fish. I’ve never had ceviche, and enjoyed it immensely it was a different taste than anything I expected, cold seafood with slightly sweet/citrus salsa.

Ceviche Papatzul Vuelve a la Vida – Classic Shrimp, Sea Scallop, Octopus and Sword Fish Ceviche

We all split the Yucca Fries, they were an interesting texture, kind of hard and dry but tasy. I wish I could tell you what the dipping sauce was but I have no clue.

Papitas de Yucca – Yucca Fries

Carlos and I both ordered the Tacos de Pescado Estilo Baja or Fish Tacos Baja Style. They were hard to roll into the tortillas but the oozed with flavor and the rice that came with it was some of the best I ever tasted.

Tacos de Pescado Estilo Baja – Fish Tacos Baja Style

Lynne had the Alambre de Res, soft tacos with seared hanger steak, sautéed onions, peppers and queso chihuahua. I had a bit of this, my God it was tasty!

Alambre de Res – Soft Tacos with seared Hanger Steak, sautéed Onions, Peppers and Queso Chihuahua

Papatzul was a nice place to eat my only complaint was that the music was too high, we could barely hear ourselves talk. Great food though, so definitely worth the visit.

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